Tithe, Sow, Save & Spend

At Stones Church our financial pattern is:  “Tithe, Sow, Save and Spend.” Participating in these four principles assures good stewardship of our financial blessings.  Tithing is a dominion issue.  We were meant to walk in dominion.  The principle of the tithe goes back to the garden. Sowing assures a harvest.  Careful saving and spending are sound wisdom.  

Give By Text

Thank you for your continual giving to Stones Church; below are the current and new processes that will allow you to continue to sow into this ministry.  The old 269.201.4001 “Text To Give” number will still be available to use until June 2020. Here is the process for first time users, current users, as well as; alternative options for giving to Stones church.

First Time Users

Step 1. Type 45777 as your cell number

Step 2. Text STONES in all caps & click enter

Step 3. Click on the link provided in the text

Step 4. Select Your Site Designation and Choose a Giving Designation with your amount

Step 5. You can check the recurring option if you want your giving to come out automatically

Step 6. Submit

Current Users

Step 1. Type 45777 as your cell number

Step 2. Text your dollar amount the word stones and the Fund Keyword

(example: 100 stones GRTO)

If you need to update your personal or banking information you will follow these steps

Step 1. Type 45777 as your number

Step 2. Text the words: stones edit

Step 3. Make your desired changes

To get a list of Fund Keywords

Step 1. Type  45777 as your cell number

Step 2. Text stones keywords

  • GRTO
  • 2020BR

*The 2020BR is for building renovation.

Online Giving

Online giving is a safe and easy way to support the ministries of Stones Church. This secure system enables you to support the church by paying your tithes, giving an offering, making a one-time contribution or establishing a recurring contribution.